President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has issued a compelling call to all Maldivians, urging them to prioritize the usage of the Dhivehi language across various sectors, including offices, news channels, education, and communication. His impassioned appeal came during his address on Dhivehi Language Day, commemorated today.

In his address, President Muizzu underscored the importance of cultivating generations proficient in the Dhivehi language. He emphasized the need for the public to embrace their mother tongue while also advocating for proficiency in other languages and fields of knowledge. Additionally, the President highlighted the significance of preserving the Maldivian identity, urging citizens to take pride in their indigenous heritage.

Furthermore, President Muizzu shed light on the benefits of the nationalism restoration program initiated by the current administration. During his address, he elaborated on the advantages of this initiative, emphasizing its role in fostering a strong sense of national identity and unity.

Reflecting on Dhivehi Language Day, the President paid tribute to the late Hussain Salahuddin and drew inspiration from his life. He emphasized the value of learning the local language, integrating knowledge from other languages into the local context, and achieving success in one's mother tongue as a pathway to proficiency in other languages and fields of knowledge.

President Muizzu's call comes as a significant reminder of the importance of preserving and promoting the Dhivehi language, not only as a means of communication but also as a vital component of the Maldivian cultural heritage.