Masha Midhath   13 September 2023 - 05:34 AM
MNP leader Mohamed Nazim has declared his endorsement of Dr. Mohammed Muizzu, the presidential candidate of the Progressive Congress Coalition, citing the similarity of their policies in their respective manifestos.

Nazim stated this while speaking at the signing ceremony of the agreement to support Dr. Muizzu in the presidential election second round.

The agreement between the opposition coalition and the MNP was signed by the party leader, Mohamed Nazim, on behalf of the MNP. Acting Leader Abdul Raheem Abdullah signed on behalf of the PPM and PNC.

Speaking at the ceremony, Nazim said he decided to support Muizzu in the presidential election because the manifestos of both parties were similar. However, he would decide how to work in the future after the elections, said Nazim.

During the 2023 presidential elections, Mohamed Nazim contested as the Presidential candidate of the MNP. Nazim received 1907 votes in the elections and failed to make it to the second round.