President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that the Maldives Economic Gateway project would be the most significant economic project to date. He made the remarks while speaking with the residents of HA. Hoarafushi Island.

The President emphasized that the Administration had initiated several efforts to develop the economic sector under its "Hafuthaa 14" roadmap. He stated that he aims to simultaneously bring about economic development while reducing and repaying existing debt. He additionally detailed the debt inherited by the Administration from previous governments.

President Dr Muizzu then committed to restarting discontinued projects previously commissioned to develop Hoarafushi Island. He also added that these projects, coupled with the new initiatives, would be aligned to prioritize campaign pledges and allow the initiation of the maximum number of projects within the year. In that regard, the President highlighted the hospital project, resolving the issues of land erosion, waste management, and land reclamation projects as of high significance for the residential population.