Kumundhoo Island Council, in a meeting with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, has expressed that islanders warmly welcome and are thoroughly gratified by the numerous developmental projects undertaken by the government in Kumundhoo Island. The meeting was held at Kumundhoo School this afternoon.

Councilors discussed pertinent issues and raised their concerns with the President, regarding ongoing developmental projects and other services and needs of the residents. They noted that the island has seen immeasurable development within the two years of the current administration, compared to many previous years. Some of the major concerns raised by the Council include difficulties in using and expansion of the harbor, improving healthcare, education, schooling, social welfare, and business sector development. Councilors also shared a video presentation of the developmental master plan of the island.

Members of the Women’s Development Committee (WDC) emphasized the need for a resident gynecologist on the island and discussed ways to seek opportunities to promote and market crops harvested by local women.

Speaking on the need for a proper harbor in Kumundhoo, President Solih agreed to conduct further discussions with relevant government bodies to resolve the matter. The President addressed the concerns raised by the Council regarding the Health Centre and 12-classroom school building upgrade. He also added that the government plans to establish a police outpost in Kumundhoo Island.