The Ministry of Housing announced today that progress continues on the 'Binveriya' Housing scheme, with 8,250 individuals having received land registries thus far.

According to the Ministry, 8,250 people have finalized agreements and obtained land registries. Additionally, 118 individuals have been issued land acquisition certificates.

The Ministry said that 120 forms have not been signed yet due to ongoing investigations. Out of these, 16 applicants have opted not to sign as they have requested to vacate the land, while 12 have not signed because the applicant has passed away.''

The ministry revealed that currently, 212 agreements are in the process of being signed, with corresponding registries being handed over. Furthermore, efforts are underway to finalize land agreements under the 'Binveriya' Housing scheme and facilitate registry handovers.

According to the Ministry, applicants will be contacted from the Ministry's numbers; 4004994 and 4004797.